In Caracas, waiting to see Chavez


Hundreds of thousands of Caracquenos are lined up this morning to pay their respects to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. 

Supporters said they expected to wait five hours to see Chavez’s open casket, though it’s doubtful everyone will be able to.

A newspaper headline reads "A Sea of sadness For Chavez," but the atmosphere was anything but depressing, with supporters celebrating the life of their beloved leader.

Luz Marina Sarate, right, 56, will graduate from law school this April with help from a grant she credits Chavez with helping her secure.

Adrian Haunicio,20, right, a radiology student, supports the opposition, but showed up with his girlfriend, Paola Leid, 18, who supports Chavez, to pay his respects.


Commuters Clogged the metro system which is free to use for the length of the mourning period.



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