No Bread for Obama


Jews hold back on the bread for the holiday of Passover, and President Obama is no exception to that rule. 

The King David hotel in Jerusalem has turned over their kitchen for Passover, precisely in time for the highly anticipated Israel trip of President Obama, so the President will only be eating kosher for Passover cuisine. In English, that means: no bread, no pasta, no pretzels, no cookies, no crackers, no pizza, no cereal, no cakes—you get the idea.

“We’re used to hosting heads of state and also American presidents, but this situation is very special for us because it’s so close to Pesach,” hotel manager Dror Danino told Haaretz.  “So, we won’t eat pasta and Obama won’t either, it’s not so bad. We’ll eat more fresh vegetables – we have no shortage of ingredients,” added King David executive chef Michel Nabet.


Previous US presidents like Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have all stayed at the King David, so Obama is merely following suit, but it’s not clear if he knows what exactly he’s getting himself into—digestively speaking.

 Plus, Obama is known to be a huge beer fan, even making his own brew, but there will be none of that, since beer isn’t allowed on Passover either. Maybe they’ll upgrade from Manischewitz and make him gourmet macaroons instead? 

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