Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are teaming up again for new film


Thank God– something to save Adam Sandler’s career.

The Razzie-winning actor is teaming up again with previous co-star Drew Barrymore for a new romcom, Warner Brothers announced yesterday.

The new film, which doesn’t have a title yet, will star Barrymore and Sandler as two divorced parents who go on a date that takes a terrible turn (yes, this sounds sort of like “Date Night”) when they find themselves at a theme park with their kids.

The film has been making its rounds to different studios, after being pitched earlier in 2007 by screenwriter Ivan Menchell, and the film’s director will be Sandler expert Frank Coraci.

Sandler’s films have been on a swift decline since the days of “Billy Madison” and “The Water Boy.” His latest film, 2012’s “That’s My Boy” barely grossed $37 million, and 2011’s “Jack and Jill” (starring Sandler and Sandler) almost made $75 million and was considered as “one of the worst films ever” by movie critics.

Sandler and Barrymore have previously starred together in successful films “50 First Dates,” and “The Wedding Singer.” Hollywood most have noticed the cute duo’s on-screen chemistry: maybe tattoo-less Barrymore will be Sandler’s saving grace to one less Razzy.

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