Miss Israel is having dinner with Obama and will ask him to free Jonathan Pollard


Yityish Aynaw, the winner of this year’s Miss Israel competition, is having dinner with President Obama during his trip to Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Obama’s staff reached out to the 21-year-old bombshell, who is the first Ethiopian-born winner of the competition, to invite her dinner at the home of Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Aynaw said she was “very excited” to have the opportunity to meet Obama, who she described had a “notable influence on her life,” as  “someone who accomplished things by dint of his hard work.” Aynaw speculates she was invcited because she “the first black Miss Israel to be chosen and [Obama] is the first black American President. These goes together.”

But Obama and Aynaw have something else in common as well: they both consider Martin Luther King Jr. as a major influence in their lives.

“He fought for justice and equality, and that’s one of the reasons I’m here,” Aynaw told audiences during the Miss Israel competition. “I want to show that my community has many beautiful qualities that aren’t always represented in the media.”

Obama probably thought he was just inviting another pretty face to dine with him, but Aynaw has other plans in mind: she told Israel’s channel 2 News she plans to ask the president to free convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard from prison… let’s hope things don’t get awkward from there.

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