Talking Steve Cohen blues


Let us now stipulate:

–Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) is 63 and single.

–Cyndi Lauper is 59 and married.

–The blues, more often than not, is about sex.

–Anyone who sings about sex, anyone who sings the blues, or rock’n’roll, or love ballads, is lying if they deny that a big part of what propels them onto a stage is the flirtatiious attentions of the gender they favor, and even the gender they do not.

–Steve Cohen is from Memphis and understands this.

–Cyndi Lauper is from the 1980s and understands this.

Calling someone "Hot" is about as innocent as flirtation gets. (And yes, commonplace and unoriginal. But that is precisely what makes it innocent.)

–Flirting is social. Social media is social.

–The rest is commentary.

All that stipulated, this defined a good part of the 1990s for me:

And this kept me awake and anxious a good part of the 2000s:

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