Long-lost Nazi diary recovered in upstate N.Y. home


NEW YORK (JTA) — A lost journal of Nazi official Alfred Rosenberg was recovered in a home in upstate New York.

The journal, with more than 400 pages of details on the Third Reich’s policy from 1936 to 1944, includes accounts of meetings with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Herman Goering, Reuters reported.

Lost after the Nuremberg war crime trials, it turned up in the papers of a former secretary to a Nuremberg prosecutor who was living near Buffalo.

“The documentation is of considerable importance for the study of the Nazi era, including the history of the Holocaust,” the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum said in a statement.

The recovery will be announced this week in Delaware at a news conference with officials from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Justice and the Holocaust museum.

Rosenberg was the director of foreign affairs for the Third Reich. He also edited  the Nazi Party newspaper and oversaw the looting of Jewish art and cultural objects.

He was convicted at Nuremberg and hanged.

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