Jakob Dylan pays tribute to Rolling Stones with ‘Ruby Tuesday’ cover


For your weekly music listening pleasure: Jakob Dylan, son of the poetic rock legend Bob Dylan, delivers a folky, soft rendition of the classic Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday.”

Joined by Butch Walker on guitar and Ruby Amanfu on vocals, the trio rocked out in honor of the Stones at Stones Fest in LA this past May.

Stones Fest, a sibling of Dylan Fest and Petty Fest, is an idea conjured by Matt Romano, who brings together musicians to celebrate the most exceptional rock stars of all time by covering a medley of their greatest hits.

The Best Fest circulates all over the U.S. including Nashville, San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles.

Besides being purely awesome, Romano and his band, The Cabin Down Below, who manage The Best Fest, are also a group of do-gooders. All of the ticket proceeds go directly to Sweet Relief, a musicians fund that offers grants to musicians in need.

The New York Times called it “one of the most jubilant events of the year.”

Ain’t life unkind?


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