‘New Girl’s’ Max Greenfield signs on to ‘Veronica Mars’ movie


While most JAPS on TV today are no fun to watch, there is one we find vastly entertaining: “New Girl’s” Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield.

Before his days metro-sexualing it up and shoving dollars in the douchebag jar on the Fox hit, Greenfield was known for his role as Deputy Leo on “Veronica Mars”—a role he’ll be reprising in the upcoming movie version of the UPN/CW show.

Greenfield announced the news Tuesday during a Google Hangout interview with Gold Derby.

“I’m really excited about it,” he said of the Kickstarter-funded project starring Kristen Bell. “It’s one of those few occasions where you’re going to work on something and I think I’m going there for a day, where you’re working on something everybody is so excited to be there. Everybody is going ot be going full force on this project and it’s going to be like a fun reunion.”

Check out the whole interview here.

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