Kosher in the kitch



For foodies regularly on the hunt for good kosher eats, seek no more. Kosher in the Kitch, a food blog founded by homemaker Nina Safar, lists a variety of meals and desserts that won’t keep you slaving in the kitchen for hours.

When Nina married her husband six years ago, she had no idea how to cook anything besides pasta and schnitzel. Little by little she mastered the art of kosher cooking, and with rave reviews from friends and family, she knew she needed to take her recipes from the kitchen to the computer.

She told JTA, “I started a Facebook page to keep track of recipes and exchange ideas with friends. The blog itself started when my mom said her friends wanted access to the recipes but didn’t have Facebook. We are at 11,000+ fans and growing daily! I cook because I like food. I don’t really like sweating in the kitchen, but I love eating a good meal and that is what gets me in the kitch!”

Besides listing recipes for food like teriyaki glazed salmon skewers and zucchini Parmesan latkes, Kosher in the Kitch also offers weekly meal plans with menus that you can receive in your inbox weekly.

Nosh on!

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