Watch: Kathie Lee Gifford wants to be a rabbi


Hosting the “Today Show” is a pretty good gig, but it seems Kathie Lee Gifford has loftier plans for the future. While celebrating her 60th birthday on the air last Friday, Gifford revealed her dream of becoming a… rabbi. Really. She said it herself.

Here’s how it went down: A 60-year-old viewer posted on Facebook about going back to college later in life, prompting a conversation between Gifford and her co-host Hoda Kotb about whether or not they would ever do the same.

While Kotb is entirely uninterested in returning to school, Gifford would love to. And she has a very specific institution in mind.

“I want to go to Yeshiva University and become a rabbi,” Gifford, a born-again Christian with Jewish roots, said without missing a beat. “I want to get my Orthodox rabbinical degree… I want to understand what words mean, what all the context is. I’m so fascinated by that stuff.”

Unfortunately she probably won’t have much luck getting into YU, but she should definitely try Yeshivat Maharat.

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