‘X Factor Israel’ promo: Bar Refaeli comes on to Simon Cowell


The Israeli version of “The X Factor” isn’t airing until after the high holidays, but this teaser is sure to get Israelis psyched for their very own edition of the American hit show.

The promo features host Bar Refaeli racing through the desert to an American-style diner, where she meets up with a digitally manipulated Simon Cowell.

The Israeli supermodel uses tarot cards to seductively introduce him to the four judges. There’s Ivri Lider, “the clever one,” Shiri Maimon, “the diamond,” Rami Fortis, “the crazy one,” and Moshe Peretz, “the prince.”

Then, just when you think Refaeli is going to kiss the British bad boy, she grabs his car keys and zooms off, “hence getting his approval to get behind the wheel of the car for his show’s debut in the Holy Land,” The Hollywood Reporter so insightfully noted.

It’s all very hot and heavy, uh, except for the gum smacking waitress.

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