Paparazzi catch Ivanka Trump going to synagogue (we’re pretty sure)


It seems Ivanka Trump may really be just like us — at least like those of us who get all dressed up and trek to synagogue by foot on the holidays, anyway.

A photograph of the “Apprentice” judge taken Thursday was recently deconstructed by the Daily Mail, in a piece about her maternity style.

Guesses were made as to where Trump, who is eight months pregnant, was headed as she walked the streets of Manhattan with hubbie Jared Kushner and their 2-year-old daughter, Arabella Rose. Trump was wearing a “skirted power suit” and a hat.

“The trio looked off for an important lunch or perhaps a meeting with her father, Donald Trump, who is known for dressing up daily in grey suits and pink ties,” the story states.

Perhaps, but we have another theory: The glam fam was shul-bound!

We don’t have confirmation, but the evidence is strong. Thursday was Shemini Atzeret, so it seems highly likely the Upper East Side dwellers were going to Kehilath Jeshurun on E. 85th St., where Trump converted prior to the couple’s wedding. Plus, it isn’t the first time the Trump-Kushners  have been photographed on their way to synagogue.

If we’re correct, surely Trump’s hat, which the Daily Mail calls a “60s era fashion statement that looks like something Holly Golightly would have worn,” is not merely a fashion statement, but a hair-covering device as well. Funny — we pegged her as a doily-wearing type.

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