Elsewhere: Pew’s pretty picture, digging for David, Kerry family tragedies


Digging for David: The historicity of the biblical accounts of Kings David and Solomon are at issue as Israeli archaeologists debate what they are digging up. (Christian Science Monitor)

Sweet home Alabama: A small-town Jewish community gets an infusion of new life by paying Jewish families to move there. (Associated Press)

Kerry’s tragic family tree: Secretary of State John Kerry learned a decade ago that his paternal grandparents were Jews, and recently there have been discoveries of European relatives who perished in Nazi death camps. (Boston Globe)

Escape from Sobibor: Today marks the 70th anniversary of a mass breakout from the Sobibor death camp. (Daily Beast)

Rallying for Rabin: A sampling of attendees at the annual memorial marking the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin reflects Israel’s diversity. (L.A. Jewish Journal)

Pew’s pretty picture: The chorus of concern over accelerating assimilation is based on a misreading of the recent Pew survey’s data, when its findings should actually have Jews feeling upbeat, argues J.J. Goldberg. (Forward)

Just say ‘no’ to appeasement: Sen. Mark Kirk urges British Prime Minister David Cameron to take a tough line in nuclear negotiations with Iran and follow in Winston Churchill’s footsteps, rather than repeating Neville Chamberlain’s mistakes. (Telegraph)

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