Elsewhere: Ron Dermer’s roles, Sacramento Hanukkah debate, Netanyahu’s stroll


Bibi’s man in America: Israelis and Americans are assessing Ron Dermer’s  transition from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s gatekeeper to the Israeli ambassador to Washington, writes JTA’s Ron Kampeas. (Politico)

Sacramento Hanukkah debate: The nightly lighting of the Chabad menorah at California’s Capitol building has drawn leading officials, but a top Jewish legislator has reservations about he mingling of religion and state. (Sacramento Bee)

South Tel Aviv tsuris: Residents of South Tel Aviv complain of rising crime in an area overwhelmed by an influx of African migrants. (Times of Israel)

The prime minister’s stroll: On a walk around his Jerusalem neighborhood, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu runs into a man with a mission. (Public Radio International)

Rabbi, frequent flyer, kvetcher?: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case related to a rabbi who lost his frequent flyer miles because the airline that said he complained too much. (CNN)

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