Elsewhere: Changing Italian Orthodoxy, machers’ salaries, crying ‘censorship’


Changing Italian Orthodoxy: Italy’s laid-back brand of Orthodox Judaism is disappearing, replaced by the stricter Orthodoxy that prevails in other countries. (Daily Beast)

Unfriendly gesture: Fans of anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné pose for pictures making his signature salute gesture at Jewish sites and locations related to the Holocaust. (Times of Israel)

Who earns what?: The heads of Yeshiva University, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland top an annual survey of Jewish nonprofit CEOs’ compensation. (Forward)

Two campus lefts: The self-righteousness of the American Studies Association’s Israel boycott shouldn’t be allowed to overshadow the practical economic activism taking place on campus, writes Michael Kazin. (New Republic)

Crying ‘censorship’ at Swarthmore: Hillel’s Israeli guidelines are worth debating, but every organization has a right to regulate its message, writes Shmuel Rosner. (L.A. Jewish Journal)

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