Elsewhere: Jewish neighborhood drawbacks, gay marriage Orthodoxy, El Al’s prayer


Boycott travesty: The American Studies Association’s Israel boycott reflects the political prejudices of its members more than ethical considerations, writes Leon Wieseltier. (New Republic)

Orthodox rabbi for gay marriage: Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz explains why being an orthodox rabbi leads him to support same-sex marriage rights. (Huffington Post)

Against Jewish neighborhoods?: It’s not always a good thing for Jews to live in Jewish neighborhoods, writes Dennis Prager. (L.A. Jewish Journal)

El Al’s prayer problem: The Israeli national airline irks some travelers by offering a prayer over plane loudspeakers. (Jewish Press)

Mom’s December dilemma: Francesca Kaplan Grossman married a man who grew up celebrating Christmas  and now wonders how to explain to their children why they can’t have a Christmas tree. (N.Y. Times)

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