Watch: An Israeli John Kerry parody video


While John Kerry’s visit to the Middle East has not yet resulted in the Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty the U.S. Secretary of State is trying to push forward, it has resulted in one tangible-ish prodcut: A parody site!

The central gag at “John Kerry Solutions Ltd.” is that Kerry is the ultimate huckster who is in the market of selling incredibly bad solutions. Per The Times of Israel, the site comes from the right-wing group My Israel, and is backed by the umbrella organization of West Bank settlements.

It’s all in Hebrew, but non-speakers can still enjoy this subtitled infomercial, in which “Kerry” gives some poor shnook a ridiculous solution that creates a bigger problem and then offers another ridiculous solution that creates an even bigger problem, and so on. We won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say it starts with Kerry offering up a porcupine in lieu of toilet paper and ends with a homeless guy in a tutu.

It’s not un-funny—no matter how you feel about the actual issues at hand. And even if you don’t agree, you have to at least admit it totally kills that Miley Cyrus parody.

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