Elsewhere: Supremes’ religion, sidecurls and sick beats, women in tefillin

Religion and the court: America’s Supreme Court justices are Jewish and Catholic. How does religion affect their worldview? (Washington Post)

Lower East Side void: Two New York Jewish power players — one the State Assembly speaker, the other a now-disgraced charity exec — exerted their influence over a massive empty tract in the storied Jewish immigrant neighborhood over four decades. (N.Y. Times)

Visible women in tefillin:  A new blog project hopes to represent women’s experiences with tzitzit and tefillin in order to “change the image of Jewish prayer.” (Jewschool)

Sidecurls and sick beats  Combining trance music with devout Jewish observance,  the Na Nach sect is a unique presence on the streets of Israel. (NPR)

Two rebels get married:  Having left haredi Judaism, Leah Vincent pondered the best way to get married while including her very large family. The solution? Dual ceremonies, Orthodox and Zulu. (Daily Beast)

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