Elsewhere: Communal billions, chocolate egg envy, Shas’ new leader


Communal billions: From funding priorities to fundraising parties, a data-driven investigative series traces the contours of the Jewish charitable world.  (Forward)

How Germany can help: Germany should use its economic and political clout to steer international assistance and support toward organizations fostering reform and moderation in Palestinian society, David Horovitz writes.  (Times of Israel)

How Better Place failed: Shai Agassi had a revolutionary vision to bring electric cars to Israel. When his company went bankrupt last year, Better Place became a cautionary tale about the perils of mistaking hype for good business.  (Fast Company)

Shas’ new leader: Rabbi Shalom Cohen is incendiary and divisive, but he will likely exert less power than his predecessor at the Sephardic party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Chocolate egg envy: A Jewish woman confesses her passion for Cadbury creme-filled Easter eggs. (nj.com)

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