Elsewhere: Sabras in Berlin, Israel’s impending crash, hubby’s Hitler issues

Sabras in Berlin: Young Israelis are increasingly moving to Germany’s capital, where a complicated Jewish past is both resonant and irrelevant. (The New Yorker)
Israel’s impending crash? Israel’s economic boom is a bubble similar to those that caused the global financial crisis, writes Jesse Colombo. (Forbes)
Hubby’s Hitler issues: The Atlantic republishes a 1939 essay by a “pro-German” American woman who is married to a Jew and complains he’s a bit oversensitive about the Hitler thing. (The Atlantic)
Tunisia’s pilgrimage polemics: An annual Jewish pilgrimage and festival in Tunisia has sparked tensions between the North African country’s tourism industry and politicians who oppose any relations with Israel or Israelis. (Christian Science Monitor)
Pro-Israel Presbyterian: Reinhold Niebuhr’s daughter and nephew come to Israel’s defense, slamming members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for maligning the late theologian’s views on the necessity for a Jewish homeland. (Huffington Post)

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