Elsewhere: Charities’ losing bets, ‘body talk’ prohibited, divestment without BDS?


Charities’ losing bets: Local Jewish groups around the United States have lost money, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars, from Bingo and other gambling-based fundraising efforts. (Forward)

‘Body talk’ prohibited: Eden Village, a Jewish environmental overnight camp, is one of several summer camps where participants are asked to refrain from talking about physical appearances, including clothing. (N.Y. Times)

Divestment without BDS?: The Presbyterian church says it can divest from companies involved in Israel’s occupation without signaling support for the larger movement targeting all of Israel, but critics say that’s impossible. (Economist)

Letters from Ukraine: Jews in the embattled city of Donetsk describe how the increased Russian-Ukrainian tensions are affecting them in emails and other posts translated from Russian. (Tablet)

Israel’s Diaspora project: In its effort to strengthen Jewish peoplehood around the world, the Jewish state should consider Birthright-style programs for older Jews, Haviv Rettig-Gur writes. (Times of Israel)

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