Israeli Jews believe they share a fate with Diaspora, poll finds


(JTA) — Substantial majorities of Israeli Jews believe they share a fate with Diaspora Jews and that the Israeli government should take into account how its decisions affect the Diaspora.

The poll, released Wednesday and commissioned by the Jewish Media Summit underway in Jerusalem, found that 62 percent of respondents “believe that Jews in Israel and the Diaspora share a common fate, while 35 percent disagree.”

It also found that “71 percent of Israeli Jews think that the Government of Israel, when making important decisions, should take into consideration how the decision will influence the situation of Jews in the Diaspora, while 26 percent do not think it is necessary.”

The poll also found, however, that 60 percent of Israeli Jews consider themselves “a nation separate from the Jews abroad,” while 36 percent disagree.

A large majority, 81 percent, said they were interested in news of Diaspora Jewry, while 18 percent were not interested.

Israel’s government is hosting the Jewish Media Summit.

The Israel Democracy Institute carried out the poll of 477 respondents between May 8 and 11. It has a margin of error of 4.6 percentage points.

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