Elsewhere: Gaza warning calls, lecturing Israel, Dermer vs. N.Y. Times


Get out now!: Israel phones Palestinian residents of homes it is about to bomb to warn them to evacuate, but sometimes they instead crowd on their roofs to shield their houses. (N.Y. Times)

Who killed Mohammed Abu Khdeir?: The suspects in the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir seem to be delinquent youths from Sephardic haredi Orthodox backgrounds. (Jerusalem Post)

Lecturing Israel: With rockets flying, an Obama administration official picked the wrong time to lecture Israelis about security, David Horovitz writes. (Times of Israel)

Netanyahu’s war: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set the stage for the current conflict with Hamas, Larry Derfner writes. (972 Magazine)

Ron Dermer vs. N.Y. Times: Israel’s ambassador to the United States critiques a New York Times editorial, which the paper later corrected. (Buzzfeed)

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