Celebrities in the Israel-Gaza Twitter crossfire


First, there were the celebrity tweeter and deleters. Now it’s the misogynistic tweet.

As the Israel-Gaza conflict continues to spark a proxy war on Twitter and other social media, numerous celebrities are getting themselves caught in the crossfire.

Earlier this week, both singer Rihanna and basketball player Dwight Howard alienated partisans on both sides by tweeting the #FreePalestine hashtag — and then deleting it.

Now comedian Bill Maher is irking feminists (and, presumably, Hamas supporters) with the following post:

The feminist site Jezebel took issue with the “crazy woman” analogy: “Making a joke about hitting a woman to make a point about a country where people are being killed is just gross.”

Among the numerous celebs taking sides on social media, actress Vanessa Williams may have taken the least political approach (although it doubtless irked those of the #FreePalestine persuasion): from July 7-July 14, she posted upbeat photos and videos from her vacation in Israel.

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