Elsewhere: Gaza war sympathies, Santa Fe peace pipe, Wal-Mart’s black hats


Wal-Mart’s black hats: The Walton Family Foundation is the largest single donor to the haredi Orthodox Agudath Israel of America mainly because they both seek government funding for religious schools. (Forward)

American sympathies shifting?: The lopsided death toll and the beaten Palestinian-American teen have made it more difficult for some Americans to simply assume that the Israelis are necessarily right in the Gaza conflict, Benjamin Wallace-Wells writes. (N.Y. Magazine)

Moral nuances in Gaza: If Israel backs off in its campaign against Hamas, other terrorists may conclude that it works to use civilians as human shields, Yishai Schwartz writes. (New Republic)

Israel’s humanitarianism: A left-leaning American rabbi who has criticized Israel in the past explains why this time he believes the Jewish state is in the right. (Huffington Post)

Santa Fe peace pipe: While war intensifies on the other side of the world, a Jewish newcomer to New Mexico and the Palestinian proprietor of a local bong store forge a friendship. (L.A. Jewish Journal)

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