Elsewhere: Hamas as neo-Nazis, IDF’s door knock, Auschwitz inmate’s germ resistance


The IDF’s worst knock on the door: The IDF’s Casualty and Wounded Soldiers Department is charged with breaking the bad news to family members of soldiers killed in combat. (Times of Israel)

Hamas = Palestinian neo-Nazis: Hamas is a fascist group that has turned Gaza into a bastion of totalitarianism, terrorizes Gazans, and oppresses women and gays, Ari Shavit writes. (Haaretz)

A family divided: The daughter of a Jewish mother and a Palestinian father, Claire Hajaj finds herself “standing between bunkers, exposed to fire from both sides.” (Newsweek)

Fighting Germans with germs: Working under unknowing Nazi bosses in an Auschwitz lab, conscripted Jewish doctor Ludwik Fleck developed fake typhus vaccines, which were distributed to the German army, and real ones, which he gave to Jewish inmates. (Politico)

Farm program’s harvest: The alumni of Adamah, an immersive Connecticut program for young Jews, are creating some of the most influential institutions in Jewish food, farming and sustainability, Michael Tortorello writes. (N.Y. Times)

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