Elsewhere: Defending Israel, ignoring the tunnels, why Israel is losing


Inside the Israeli-Palestinian bubble: Israelis may feel trapped in their conflict with the Palestinians, but they should not be apathetic about changing their reality, David Grossman writes. (N.Y. Times)

Turning a blind eye to the tunnels: Why did Israel ignore Hamas’ tunnel threat for so long, despite being made aware of the threat by residents living in villages that border Gaza? (Al-Monitor)

Why Israel is losing: The worldwide Muslim lobby, the Gaza death toll, raging anti-Semitism and poor PR all contribute to Israel “losing a war it’s winning,” Jeffrey Goldberg writes. (The Atlantic)

In defense of Israel: The moral disparity is evident in the fact that Hamas has “explicitly genocidal intentions” while Israel is working to avoid civilian deaths, Sam Harris writes. (Samharris.org)

Hold the stereotypes, please: The Jewish Women’s Theater in Los Angeles presents pieces that aim for a fuller, more realistic portrait of Jewish women. (L.A. Times)

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