Elsewhere: Israel’s weapons stash, buying Hamas’ numbers, Jewish lesbian pioneers


Israel’s weapons stash: David Schenker explains how WRSA-1, an emergency arsenal in the Middle East enabling Israel to bypass red tape and quickly purchase U.S. arms, came to be and why it’s alarmed some Obama administration officials. (Politico)

Buying Hamas’ numbers: Media outlets continue to propagate war data disseminated by Hamas despite the group’s track record from past conflagrations of distorting statistics, Oren Kessler writes. (U.S. News)

Jewish lesbian pioneers: Ellen Gerber and Pearl Berlin, a couple for 48 years, are leading the fight against North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban. (AP)

European anti-Semitism overview: Haaretz offers a roundup of articles highlighting the link between recent anti-Israel protests in Europe and anti-Semitism. (Haaretz)

Another ex-haredi story: A young man shares his story of leaving London’s haredi Orthodox community and the measures leaders took to keep him in the fold. (Independent)

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