Wishing Joan Rivers a speedy recovery


Comedian Joan Rivers was rushed to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital today after going into cardiac arrest in the midst of vocal-chord surgery at a nearby clinic.

Long known for her outspokenness (and frequent plastic surgery), the 81-year-old star of countless TV programs generated some cheers in the Jewish world for for the above video last month in which she passionately defended Israel (and slammed actress and singer Selena Gomez) to a TMZ reporter.

Among the highlights:

“If New Jersey were firing rockets into New York, we would wipe them out”

“Palestinians, you cannot throw rockets and expect Israel not to defend itself.”

“They started it! They started it!”

“Lets see if [Selena Gomez] can spell Palestinian!”

For some, those comments made up for the Holocaust jokes she cracked on “The Tonight Show” a few months earlier.

We wish her a refuah shlemah.


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