Elsewhere: How not to be a High Holiday Jew, Europe’s anti-Semitism, rabbis should talk about Israel


10 Days, 10 Questions: 10Q, a program of daily emailed questions designed to spur self-reflection during the Days of Awe, offers an alternative to more traditional High Holidays rituals. (NPR)

Rabbis, speak up!: Responding to yesterday’s New York Times article on Israel being the third rail in many synagogues, Rabbi David Seth Kirshner urges his colleagues not to “wimp out,” but to speak their minds about the Jewish state. (Times of Israel)

Europe’s new anti-Semitism: While much of the blame for Europe’s violent anti-Semitism is falling on disaffected Muslim youth, many worry about wider anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment. (N.Y. Times)

How not to be a High Holiday Jew: Rabbis want to inspire their once-a-year worshipers, but these prodigal Jews don’t always make it so easy — like when they condemn organized religion and expect the rabbi to know their name. (Forward)


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