2nd Gaza terror tunnel discovered on Israel border in a month


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israel Defense Forces said it uncovered a Hamas-built terror tunnel on Thursday that runs from the southern Gaza Strip into Israel.

The tunnel, which was found along the border with Israel, marks the second terror tunnel running between Gaza and Israel discovered in the last month, the IDF said in a statement. The military said it was uncovered as part of its “extensive counter terror efforts” in the wake of Operation Protective Edge, the 2014 war against Hamas in Gaza.

“This tunnel was built by Hamas in order to infiltrate Israel and execute terror attacks against the people of southern communities,” the IDF said in the statement. “The IDF will continue its counter terror activities to uncover and neutralize Hamas’ offensive tunnels.”

The IDF said the mortar attacks carried out in the last two days by Hamas on the border were directed at Israeli troops conducting operations to target Hamas’ terror activities.

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