Israeli Embassy to reopen in Jordan, ending a diplomatic crisis over shooting


(JTA) — Israel and Jordan agreed on the resolution of deadly incidents that shut down the work of the Israeli Embassy in Amman, officials in both countries said.

Officials in Jerusalem announced the agreement Thursday, saying it means that “the Israeli embassy in Jordan will return to full activity immediately.”

The agreement was on the shooting of two Jordanians by a security officer at the Amman embassy in July and on the 2014 slaying of a Jordanian judge by Israeli security officers at the Allenby border crossing. Israel has already apologized for the shooting of the judge.

In the embassy shooting, security officer Ziv Moyal shot two Jordanians dead after one of them allegedly attacked him. The ensuing diplomatic crisis between Jerusalem and Amman prompted diplomatic staff, including Ambassador Einat Schlein, to return to Israel.

“The Israeli authorities will continue reviewing the materials regarding the July 2017 incident and anticipate making a decision in the coming weeks,” read the statement by a spokesman from Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. The statement did not say that Israel has apologized for the incident.

But at least one Jordanian official, government spokesman Mohammad Momani, said Israel did apologize and would bring legal action against Moyal while offering financial compensation to the families of the three people killed.

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