Bernie Sanders saved a woman’s life and didn’t tell anybody


(JTA) — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is not publicity shy by any stretch of the imagination. Known for his thick Brooklyn accent and progressive politics, the former presidential candidate has become an iconic figure on the American left.

Apparently, however, Sanders can also exhibit modesty.

On Thursday, a woman named Amy Currotto posted on Facebook that Sanders had saved her life, writing that he “stopped me from getting hit by a car on my way to my guitar lesson so we took a selfie together. (He is also much taller than me so awkward picture.)” Currotto did not say where the incident occurred.

Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein shared the post, writing that Sanders did not tell anybody about the incident and his staffers only found out by happenstance.

“Apparently Sen. Sanders went for a walk by himself during a break on Wednesday, stopped a woman from getting hit by a car, and then came back to the office and didn’t tell anybody about it,” Stein tweeted. “His team found out about it on Facebook.”

Stein’s tweet was shared 525 times and received 2,611 likes.

Sanders did not mention the incident on either of his two verified Twitter accounts.

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