JTA Twitter 50: Daniella Greenbaum


Daniella Greenbaum – @DGreenbaum

Daniella Greenbaum had been vocally pro-Israel as a student at Barnard and assistant editor at Commentary magazine. In 2018 she became a rising columnist for Business Insider, writing from a nuanced conservative perspective.

But she exploded into the zeitgeist last July, when she defended Scarlett Johansson’s right to play a transgender man in a movie. After an online backlash, Business Insider removed it from their site, saying it didn’t meet their editorial standards. Greenbaum promptly quit, and in an act of online martyrdom pinned her resignation to her Twitter feed.

Suddenly, she looked like the next Bari Weiss, staking her claim against the “mob” of what she sees as overly politically correct voices on Twitter. It brought greater attention to her other writing — and tweeting — which has often involved strong, at times unexpected takes on Israeli and other Jewish topics.

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