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Kofi Annan remembered as a friend of Israel

Kofi Annan remembered as a friend of Israel

The late U.N. secretary-general was remembered by Israelis as a staunch proponent of the Jewish state’s right to exist who was firmly opposed to anti-Semitism.

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United States

Amy Siskind has been called a face of the anti-Trump resistance. Liberal critics claim she is an impostor.

The activist, who compiles a weekly list of 'eroding norms' under a Trump presidency, denies she is a latecomer to progressive politics.

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Life & Culture


Aretha Franklin


How a Jewish producer helped unleash Aretha Franklin’s genius

"He provided the vehicle to allow me to perform and express myself," the late "Queen of Soul" said of Jerry Wexler.

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Clive Davis reveals he’s bisexual

Sesame Street Dead-Ended in Israel

Growing Interest in Anti-Semitic Literature Recorded by N.Y. Public Library

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Israel & Middle East

Ronald Lauder

Ronald Lauder helped make Benjamin Netanyahu prime minister. Now he’s publicly opposing him.

For the second time, the billionaire World Jewish Congress president has used a newspaper op-ed to lambaste Netanyahu's agenda.

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From 70 Faces Media

5 Gorgeous Rosh Hashanah Recipes from Israel’s Top Chefs

This Jewish Dogsled Racer’s Puppy Tweets Are The Only Good Thing Left On Twitter

Mila Kunis Shares How Her Family Does Shabbat

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Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters see a conspiracy against him

Scrutiny of his record on Israel and accusations of anti-Semitism are paradoxically helping to galvanize support for the embattled Labour leader.

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