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Following escalation with Gaza, Iron Dome battery deployed to protect Tel Aviv area

Following escalation with Gaza, Iron Dome battery deployed to protect Tel Aviv area

The moves came a day after more than 170 rockets and mortars were fired on Israel from Gaza.

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Draymond Green says his trip to Israel wasn’t about politics. Here’s why Israel’s critics won’t accept that.

The NBA star's visit, particularly his jovial use of Israeli military weaponry, prompted criticism from notable figures on the American political left.

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Israel & Middle East

Israel vows ‘strong action’ against Hamas after over 170 rockets and mortars hit southern Israel

Three Israelis were injured when a rocket struck the roof of a home and a synagogue in Sderot; Hamas says late Saturday night it will observe a cease-fire after Israel responds by striking 40 targets in Gaza.

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Jewish professor assaulted by Palestinian, then tackled by police in Germany

Police apologized for the incident in Bonn, which follows a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in Germany.

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