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  • Jerusalem Paralyzed by Snow

    Jerusalem experienced its second snowfall of the winter today and the city where snow is a rarity, was virtually paralyzed. Public and private transportation came to a halt by mid-afternoon and interurban services in both directions ceased soon afterwards. The municipality’s snow clearing machinery was unable to cope with the downfall and stalled as the…

  • Snowfall Blankets Hills of Holy Land

    A heavy snow fell today in Jerusalem and on the surrounding hills. The entire area assumed a white picturesqueness seldom witnessed in Palestine, where the climate is mild and snow a great rarity.

  • Israel’s Heaviest Snowstorm Leaves Jerusalem in the Dark

    The snow that blanketed Jerusalem last week delighted children of all ages, but it also left the holy city in darkness and created numerous inconveniences for its residents. Tens of thousands of Jerusalemites were without electricity for up to four days following power outages created by the snowstorm and the floods that occurred elsewhere in…