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Nazi Racial Stamp is Demanded in Field of German High Finance

January 19, 1934
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The Aryan principle will be applied fully in the leadership in the field of economics, Fritz von Schroeder, newly elected president of the amalgamated chambers of commerce of Cologne and Bonn, announced today in addressing the unification meeting of the two organizations. He emphasized that those of “Jewish spirit and Jewish descent are unfit for economic leadership.”

At the same time Schroeder asserted that he was eager to maintain friendly international economic relations which, he said, will be cultivated and for which the good will of other nations is necessary.

“Nazism and its leaders will never yield to the criticism of those unadapted to the new conditions,” Schroeder concluded.


THAT Nazi propaganda constitutes Germany’s most extensive exports has again been demonstrated. This time it is revealed that the Nazis are endeavoring to establish a Nazi dictatorship in Greece. Some of the leading Greek newspapers have exposed the machinations of Hitler’s agents and are demanding their immediate expulsion for interfering in the internal affairs of Greece.

The German Government is pleading poverty when it comes to the payment of its obligations, but it has vast sums for destructive propaganda in various parts of the world. The Nazi Government wants no interference in its “internal” affairs and prates about equality among the nations. But it does not hesitate to interfere brazenly in the internal affairs of other nations.


MR. JAMES N. ROSENBERG is leaving for Europe today on a mission in behalf of the Joint Distribution Committee. He will participate in the conferences to be held under the presidency of High Commissioner McDonald in connection with relief work for the German refugees. Mr. Rosenberg has distinguished himself for his unselfish and energetic efforts along the lines of constructive relief long before the tragedy of our people in Germany. His work in Russia, Poland and Roumania forms a praiseworthy chapter in the historic activities of the Joint Distribution Committee. His earnestness, energy, ability and resourcefulness are sure to prove of immense usefulness in the elaboration of relief and readjustment plans for the victims of Hitler.


AS REPORTED in the Jewish Daily Bulletin, a group of Karaite Jews from Volhynia applied in the Warsaw Palestine office for Chalutzim certificates. They are eager to settle in Palestine.

The Karaite Jews, a Russian sect adhering to the letter of the Law of Moses and opposed to the traditions of the Talmud, always kept aloof from the Jewish people, and on several occasions displayed an inimical attitude toward the Jews, even at the time of the pogroms. The Karaite sect was small in number, and the Tsarist Government gave it privileges which it denied the Jews. This widened the chasm between the Jews and the Karaites.

With the collapse of the Russian autocracy and the equalization of the various nationalities under the Soviet regime, the differences between the Karaites and the Jews have disappeared. The reawakened Jewishness of the Karaites and their longing to settle in the Holy Land with the aid of the Zionist organization is another striking illustration of the magnetism of the Zionist ideal.

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