Challah Makers’ Local 613



What’s with the Jewish ideal of wanting our kids to be doctors? It seems we’ve forgotten the Jewish roots of the union movement–folks who put in a hard day’s work at the factory, then protested for the rights of others.

Not to worry–Jewnion Label has us covered.

Jewnion Label creates logos and designs for clothes that blend Jewish tradition with clever slogans and even cleverer art–all with a union theme. “Rise up!” proclaims the International Order of Challah Makers. “One Good Turn Deserves Another,” says the International Association of Dreidel Spinners. Jewnion Label makes t-shirts, holiday cards, water bottles, and bibs to honor Jewish outdoorsmen, gefilte fish grinders, the Loyal Order of the Latke, and even Amalgamated Mentschen International (“Upright, honorable, decent”).

Jewnion Label’s clothes show a side of Jewish culture that doesn’t get a lot of press these days. And, even better, they make it (and us) look good.

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