Immigrant Rock


One of the hardest parts of making aliyah to Israel is the job market. Many people accustomed to high-level careers in their old lives, find themselves working new jobs:  Salesperson. Telephone operator. Rock star.

Ben Wallick recorded his debut album earlier this year, just after moving to Israel. The result is pleasant, bouncing pop music that takes the intimacy and sing-along style of campfire folk songs and gives them a fun electronic keyboards-and-beats bounce.

“Another Day” is about getting accustomed to a new daily routine. “Feeling Much Better” talks about letters from home, a loved one’s sweater, and the small tokens of familiarity that can comfort us.

The lyrics are abstract enough so that the songs aren’t necessarily about becoming Israeli, but knowing Wallick’s story gives the songs extra meaning. Anyone who’s ever left home, whether it was for summer camp, college, or moving, yes, to a new country, can relate to these emotions.

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