Rock the Shabbat


Have you ever fantasized about having Mick Jagger over to Shabbat dinner?

On Shabbat Rocks, singer Robyn Shippel puts on a leather jacket and an electric guitar and cranks the volume to 10 for an album of Shabbat songs unlike any other–it swaggers, thunders, and unabashedly rocks.

The album starts with bombastic drums and a low bass. A chorus of kids chants, in a menacing undertone, “Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.”Guitar and voices explode, singing a never-before-heard version of a traditional Shabbat song: “Zum Gali Gali.”

Shabbat Rocks is aimed at children, but it’s great for anyone learning about Shabbat–or anyone in the mood for an adrenaline-fused Day of Rest. In addition to traditional songs, there’s a complete set of Shabbat blessings (to recite over candles, wine, challah, and children). Even people who don’t need help remembering “Bim Bam” or “Hinei Ma Tov” can rock out to these old favorites.

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