A Lego Jewish Wedding


In Judaism, getting married is a bit more complicated than just finding a rabbi and saying “I do.” If you’re a first-time attendee of a traditional Jewish wedding, there’s a lot to take in–the tisch, the veiling, the prayers. Rather than trying to understand everything, your best bet is to just sit back, relax, and watch the rituals unfold.

Even when those rituals are performed by–say–Lego people.

That’s what you’ll find in “Rachmi and Yudit’s Wedding,” a short film by Menachem Aron, a Hasidic Jew from Melbourne, Australia. Amazingly, Aron made this ten-minute movie to commemorate his sister’s wedding when he was just 11 years old.

From the groom-to-be leading the afternoon prayers to the bride’s reception hall, the signing of the ketubah by two witnesses and even the breaking of the glass, each Lego scene is meticulously filmed, conveying the chaos, the splendor, and the levity of every step of the wedding.

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