God in Your Back Pocket


“God pursues me everywhere,” the Jewish philosopher A.J. Heschel wrote. One of Heschel’s primary aims was to show people that spirituality could be found anywhere–not only in prayer or charity, but in every place we find ourselves and in every action we do.

A number of new iPhone apps give us very simple, but very handy, ways to remember to bring a spiritual dimension to our everyday life. The free program iBirkat makes the Birkat Hamazon, the blessing after meals, available instantly in both English and Hebrew versions.

Our lives are so hectic that, the moment we’re finished eating (or before), it’s tempting to grab our iPhones and get back to business rather than taking the time to chew quietly and contemplate the origin of our food. But iBirkat’s little glowing icon can encourage you to give thanks–thus enabling us to inject a bit of mindfulness into our daily eating routines.

iBirkat is available at the iPhone store. And, for more Jewish iPhone treats, there’s nowhere more comprehensive than–a fun little collective of Jewish iPhone and iPad enthusiasts.

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