Photos from the Front Lines


Jews aren’t generally thought of as warriors. But, from Joshua’s conquest of Canaan to Masada and the more recent Israeli wars, combat has been one of the more difficult facts of Jewish life.

The Museum of Jewish Military History, which only exists online, was created by amateur historian and war re-enactor David Bloom in 2010. It’s a fascinating website loaded with galleries. Among the historical photographs and war memorabilia, one can find World War II military gear (from both Allies and Axis), early Israeli propaganda pictures, and photographs from the nascent State of Israel.

The photographs, and the information that accompanies them, offer some unexpected treasures and trivia. For one thing, most Nazi field gear that ended up in America was brought back by forward-thinking American G.I.s on their way home from combat in order to sell to collectors. For another, it’s a shock to see how young most of these soldiers are.

War is unpleasant, but sometimes necessary. This website is a tribute to the women and men who go into battle, putting their lives on the line.

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