Shofar Flash Mob


A flash mob is a weird American cultural phenomenon: On a given day and time, people are asked–usually by a notice online, or a forwarded email–to show up in a specific place and perform a task, just for fun. Sometimes, everyone will be dressed as Santa Claus; other times, a song will blast out and people will spontaneously start square-dancing, or doing the Electric Slide.

A new flash mob solicit is being circulated online, calling for people to coordinate and assemble in different cities around the world. This time, people are being asked to bring a shofar.

On September 18, at public spaces in various cities, people will show up and take out their ritual ram’s horns–traditionally blown throughout the Jewish month of Elul as a way to inspire introspection–and blow. The event is the brainchild of a group called Art Kibbutz. So far, confirmed locations include Budapest, Tel Aviv, and New York City.

The sound of the shofar is supposed to interrupt our mind and daily activities; to warn us of the coming of the High Holidays, and to remind us to repent. It’s both scary and joyous–and there’s nothing to remind you of both sensations like participating in a flash mob.

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