Jews Explain the New Testament


What’s the best way for a Jew to read the New Testament? Though some maintain that Jews should stay away from the Christian holy book altogether, many believe that it’s an important read for anyone living in a predominantly Christian country. It also happens to be chock-full of Jewish references. (The hero of the story was a Jew, after all).

With the volume’s Jewish content in mind, a group of scholars got together to write The Jewish Annotated New Testament, a project that looks at the original, Jewish context of the New Testament, and explains how those origins have affected Judeo-Christian relations over the past two millenia.

Edited by Brandeis Professor Marc Brettler and Vanderbilt Professor Amy-Jill Levine, and including contributions from Susannah Heschel and Daniel Boyarin, The Jewish Annotated New Testament demonstrates where and how Jewish law and practices affected sacred Christian texts. It also includes 30 essays on religious and historical topics, from midrash and parables, to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Messianic movement.

This important new book is for Jews who want to learn about the history of Christianity without worrying about feeling proselytized, and for anyone interested in the New Testament from a new perspective.

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