Beyond Bubbie


Where did your favorite Passover recipes come from? Whether they’re your own innovations or they came to you on a stained recipe card, they probably come with good stories, too: the kugel that brought a couple together; the time your dog ate a Tupperware full of matzah balls. (Or does that only happen in my family?)

The only thing better than all those stories would be the ability to capture them and pass them on. Well, there’s not yet an app for that but there is a great website: Beyond Bubbie, which brings to life the stories that have long been associated with Jewish food.

In one story, a little girl accidentally squirts a million tomato seeds all over her neat-freak bubbie’s white rug. In another, a boy decides to start a strudel bakery with his grandmother. The site features all these stories, and the recipes, too. Some new Passover additions include: Estonian turkey with matzah stuffingblueberry crumble, and of course, chopped liver. Submit your stories and recipes, and bring the 21st century into your bubbie’s kitchen.

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