Four More Plagues: A Gift Guide


You’ve heard about the 10 plagues. But we’ve just discovered 4 more that are right here upon us. Don’t worry, though. There are some precautions you can take…

…against the Plague of Dourness:

Refusing to sing the Four Questions despite still being the youngest person at the seder? Distract your sedermates with these Chocolate Marshmallow Frog & Locusts or these Four Questions Finger Puppets. Or just sit in the corner and have this Moses Action Figure play with these Passover Dominoes.

Chocolate Marshmallow Frog & Locusts, $17.99

Four Questions Finger Puppets, $14.99

Moses Action Figure, $9.45

Passover Dominoes, $11.09

…against the Plague of Not Enough Matzah:

We talk a lot about too much matzah. But what if there’s too little? For the seders we’ve found this Matzah Necktie and Matzah Napkin Rings, and for the rest of the week you can try this Inflatable Matzah Ball and these very practical Juggling Matzah Balls.

Matzah Necktie, $14.99

Matzah Napkin Rings, $15.99

Inflatable Matzah Ball, $9.99

Juggling Matzah Balls, $36.60

…against the Plague of an Unseasonal Home:

Is your house stuck in a Passover-less gloom? How about investing in a Seder Plate Mouse Pad, or a Passover Light Switch Cover? This Passover Matzah Sweeper will keep the locusts away, these Thou Shalt and Thou Shalt Not Sticky Notes will organize your sins all year long.

Seder Plate Mouse Pad, $11.99

Passover Light Switch Cover, $11.75

Matzah Sweeper, $3.48

Thou Shalt Sticky Notes, $11.99

…against the Plague of Boring Accessories:

Nothing’s worse than lame accessories. Check out these 10 Plagues Nail Decals, this Betsy Johnson Frog Pendant Two-Row Necklace and this very cute Matzah Charm for your charm bracelet (for only 1 cent!). And for the gents, we’ve got these blue mosaic Hamsa Cufflinks.

hamsa cufflinks

10 Plagues Nail Decals, $15

Frog Pendant Two-Row Necklace, $34.99

Matzah Charm, $0.01 (plus shipping)

Blue Mosaic Hamsa Cufflinks $81

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Happy wacky Passover from our side of the Jewniverse to yours!

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