Gangsta Meets Grandma: Bubala Please


Want a recipe for a viral video that gets the Jews a-“like”-ing and doesn’t star a tallis-wearing cat? Try this: start with essence of Cheech and Chong but replace the half-Chinese guy with a black guy. Add Grandma Feygie, her mahjong friends, and the secret ingredient from her latke recipe. Season with equal parts Adam Sandler  and Richard Pryor. Stir.

The result is Bubala Please, a series of 2-minute videos featuring Los Angelinos Jaquaan and Luis as unlikely Yids who slice potatoes with a switchblade, decorate Hanukkah bushes with Mercedes hood ornaments, and play mahjong with the bubbies while passing around a blunt. Are these videos built on racial stereotypes? Yes. Are they offensive? Are they funny? We’ll let you decide.

Bubala Please is the brainchild of filmmakers Jacob Salamon and Jared Bauer, who hated Hebrew school but picked up enough to include an authentic Shehechiyanu over the Hanukkah bush. (“And remember, putos,” Luis adds, “Hanukkah is the festival of lights!”) The original video, posted just after Thanksgiving, already has nearly 700,000 views, along with 5 really bad curse words and an apron that says “KISS MY TUCHUS.”

So far, Salamon and Bauer have produced 3 videos and at least 5 more are in the works, each pegged to a different theme or holiday. We’re scared to see what they come up with next.

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