Shadow Puppet Exodus


You probably mastered the shadow-puppet bunny back in grade school. But have you ever thought of moving past bunnies to, say, the story of the Exodus?

It may be a tall order for most of us, but in 2011 the amazing dancers and artists at Budapest’s Attraction Black Light Theatre brought the story of Passover to life using silhouettes, dance, and a lot of creativity. At their Passover celebration in Cancun, Attraction Black Light Theatre presented an all-silhouette version of the Exodus story, from the baby Moses being rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, to the burning bush, all the way through to the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

From the audience perspective, it’s an amazing feat—inspiring, graceful, and beautiful. But it’s also fun to try to figure out how it all works, and what it must look like on the other side of the sheet. Watch the video and imagine for yourself.

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